$55.95 CAD
Asano - Paper Moon - no. 5
Kitchen Cloth in Minnie
 Micaela Greg Coco Sweater in Cream 2
Herringbone Cotton Towels
Brass Incense Holder - Round
Mohair Socks in Pink
Kitchen Cloth in Rachel
Kitchen Cloth in Carole
Brass Candle Holder
Oven Mitten in Natural Linen
Mohair Socks in Yellow
Deiji Studios - The Tie Slip Dress in Air
Mohair Socks in Mocha
Deiji Studios - The Crease Bind Dress in Air
Deiji Studios - Two Tie Set in Air
$168.00 CAD $238.00 CAD
Deiji Studios - The Thread Line Dress in White
Bare Knitwear Alpaca Travel Wrap in Ash
Bare Knitwear Alpaca Harvest Cardigan in Ash
Black Crane - Wide Pants in Ivory
$155.00 CAD $298.00 CAD
Are Studio - Knot Belt in Morel
$98.00 CAD $128.00 CAD