Reassembly - Botanical Fragrance Oil in Whitewood, Blackwood, Lupa or Mountain Milk


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  • Reassembly - Botanical Fragrance Oil
  • Available in Whitewood, Blackwood, Lupa or Mountain Milk
  • WHITEWOOD / naked skin on forest floor / elegant and wild / slightly undone, sultry, nonconformist / oud, ho wood, himalayan cedarwood, sweet and bitter orange.
  • BLACKWOOD / velvet black forest / sweet and earthy, with powdered incense tones / seductive, hypnotic, ancient / bergamot, musk, agarwood, vetiver, patchouli dark
  • LUPA / warm, sensual, primal / Inspired by the pagan celebration that predates Valentine's day (called Lupercalia) Lupa is the she wolf that suckled the gods / rose otto, aloeswood, clove, nutmeg, patchouli light
  • MOUNTAIN MILK / forest voodoo / sandalwood, black spruce, cedrus, fir needle, vanilla bourbon
  • This is where it all started years ago, this blending of notes, first as personal custom fragrances for friends and family, and then friends of friends and family and finally this - a collection of 8 and a path devoted to a loving, plant-based magic abstract, a natural reflection of our surroundings, near and far, real and imagined... simply beautiful botanical fragrances for the mystical nonconformist.
  • Reassembly's luxury botanical fragrances are carefully aged until each composition is perfectly blended and absorbed into the pure fractionated coconut oil base. Combining the best and most special essential oils, resins, tinctures and concrets from around the world, reassembly botanical fragrances have no gender  and/or limitations. They are created to be an instrument of self expression and are meant to be worn in this spirit  -  truthfully, creatively and with individual interpretation. Consider using two or more fragrances to create your own blend or commit to one, the choice is yours. Contact us if you would like to explore a reassembly custom fragrance experience. 
  • All of Reassembly's botanical fragrances are made and bottled by hand in small batches with loving attention to detail and alchemical intention.