Thermohair - Men's Sock available in Grey or Black

by: Thermohair

  • Thermohair - Men's Sock available in Grey or Black
  • 75/25 kid mohair/nylon yarn
  • Kid mohair is hair sheared from the kids, during their first year of life.  It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades.  
  • It is as soft as cashmere.
  • Mohair is very insulating, protecting your feet from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather. They are the best socks for those working in steel toed boots or playing in the cold outdoors or for those who suffer from cold feet due to health issues. 
  • There is no tougher natural fibre that can take the continual foot rubbing that occurs when you walk.  Some customers have worn their socks as long as 9 years!
  • Mohair wicks away moisture and can hold water many times its weight without your foot feeling wet.
  • Machine washable, wash cold, inside out, hang to dry.
  • Mens Medium - size 8-10 / Mens Large - size 11-13


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