Nectrous - Soap Bars

by: Nectrous

  • Nectrous - Soap Bars
  • HARD BAR - Exfoliating Bar Soap. Pumice and poppy seeds buff and polish while the extra moisturizing formula hydrates fresh skin. Infused with carrot powder for bonus nutrients. Notes of: Soaking in an outdoor hot tub after jumping in an alpine lake, sweet orange, cedar. Formulated for: Body and hands
  • DARK BAR - Charcoal Cleansing Bar. Bamboo activated charcoal gently draws impurities from the skin. Rich lather leaves skin supple, clean, and subtly fragranced. Notes of: Lemongrass, sitting poolside with your best friends while a warm wind blows, Lavender. Formulated for: Body and face. This bar is made for all skin types, but is especially excellent for oily skin.
  • GLOW BAR - Everyday invigoration bar. Annatto seed extract makes this bar high in antioxidants and skin-healing nutrients, and also gives it the distinct orange colour. Notes of: Patchouli, listening to an effective pep talk, peppermint. Formulated for: Body and face
  • TERRAZZO BAR - Reminder that 'the universe is unpredictable but makes no mistakes' bar. Natural ingredients like spirulina, french pink clay, carrot powder, and activated charcoal colour the glycerin soap blocks suspended in a moisturizing lavender and sweet orange base. Formulated for: Everywhere
  • Made in Vancouver

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