Hendrik Lou - Wool Cropped Sweater in Heathered Black

by: Hendrik Lou

  • Hendrik Lou - Wool Cropped Sweater in Heathered Black
  • A chunky, oversized boxy fit sweater, cropped at the waist. Slightly shorter in the front, with wide balloon sleeves. Hand knit from a soft fair-trade Peruvian wool.
  • As their yarn has not been treated with anti-shrink or fixing agents, please take extra care when washing garments.
  • We recommend keeping washing to an absolute minimum.
  • Spot clean when needed.
  • Never put your garment in the washing machine, instead soak in cool water with a wool soak, do not agitate. Roll out excess water in a towel, and lay flat to dry.
  • When storing, keep folded, do not hang as this will stretch out the knit.
  • 100% fair-trade peruvian wool and alpaca wool may shed at first due to the nature of the natural fibre, this will stop with wear. their yarns have not been treated with synthetic coating. If pilling does occur do not despair. This is a natural process where friction causes the short fibres to migrate to the surface. Once removed these will disappear. Please use a wool shaver to gently get rid of any bobbly bits and smooth your product.
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