Harlow Skin Co. - Earth Candle

by: Harlow Skin Co.

  • Harlow Skin Co. - Earth Candle
  • Geranium - happiness, protective, regenerate, balance and steady the spirit
  • Peru Balsm - protective oil, grounding, create space for love
  • Ground and feel connected to your spirit and the EARTH.   Interpreting the Elements through art and alchemy, we have designed a limited home and body collection offering intention and mindfulness into your sacred rituals.  Light the EARTH candle and fill your space with the protective, grounding aromas of Geranium flower and Peru Balsam.  Consciously meditate with this energy, ground and connect. 
  • Each beautiful piece is limited edition, when they are gone they are gone. Enjoy! 
  • The Earth Candle artwork is designed by Amanda Enns.  You can find her brilliantly colorful and whimsical work here 
  • 8 oz, non crackle, eco soy, woodwick, essential oil candle.  Please re-use or recycle your Harlow jars.
  • Made in Vancouver 

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