Charlotte & Castel - Blood Orange & Lavender Interior Scent

by: Charlotte & Castel

  • Charlotte & Castel - Blood Orange & Lavender Interior Scent

  • The soothing notes of Cape Lavender will aid in relaxation, while the revitalizing qualities of Sicilian Blood Orange and Bergamot will stimulate and boost one’s mood.

  • Interior scents can be used to freshen living spaces, wardrobes, linens, towels, curtains, rugs and other textiles.

  • They can also be used as a light perfume or refreshing mist onto clothing, hair and even a light spritz onto the skin. If using as a perfume mist, please test an area of the body first for skin allergies or irritation. All of our scents are chemical, fragrance and alcohol free, but a reaction with essential oils can still be possible.

  • MADE FROM ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Calabrian Bergamot Pure Essential Oil, Sicilian Blood Orange Pure Essential Oil, Cape Lavender Pure Essential Oil

  • 8.0 fl.oz/240ml

  • Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE. Generously mist throughout the intended space. Spray at least 20-30 cm from fabric items. Do not spray directly onto skin or clothing without patch testing first. Avoid using on leather and other delicate fabrics.

  • Duration of scent depends on the space misted, usually 30-45 minutes the scent will linger in the air. If misted onto towels and pillow cases, the scent will last much longer. If spritzed onto clothing, hair or body, the scent may linger for the day.

  • Made in Canada

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