Toyo Steel - M-8 Parts Box in Black

Toyo Steel

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  • M-8's roots - M-8 was born in Higashi-Osaka, a city of manufacturing. It has long been used at many sites, such as by inserting small parts such as screws in small factories. The M-8 doesn't have a lid, so you can see what's inside. Traditionally, red and blue M-8s have been used for sorting parts on site by coloring them differently. If it is made of resin, it will crack or become uneven, but Toyo Steel's M-8 is made of sturdy iron and is durable. We have supported the worksites of craftsmen since long ago. This is the root of M-8.
  • M-8 design - The body of the M8 is tapered using drawing technology. Toyo Steel's tool box is originally a tool for storing tools, so it has a straight body shape, but the M8 has this tapered shape to make it easier to scoop up small parts by hand. For many years, Toyo Steel has been thinking about the safety and workability of those who use tools.
  • Also, the M-8 has handles on the left and right. When you put things inside, push the handle inward. By doing this, even if the M-8 is stacked, the things inside will not be damaged. When there is nothing inside the M-8, you can stack multiple M-8s without adding bulk by pushing the left and right handles to the outside.
  • Suggestions for using the M-8 - A design that combines functionality and aesthetics for professional use. As an organization storage tool for your home, or for outdoor activities such as camping. It is also recommended for vehicles.
  • Features and specs
    • Sturdy press-integrated type
    • No seams, no leakage of liquids such as water and oil
    • Galvanized steel sheet for excellent rust prevention effect
    • Excellent durability and functionality
  • About the paint on the handle - the paint can peel off because it is a sliding part for opening and closing.