Eulo was born out of the desire to start a new dialogue around beauty. They believe the way you cleanse and care for your skin is much more than a multi-step product application, it’s an opportunity to show yourself care. To cleanse is to be mindful, to remain present and to engage all of your senses. Elevating this simple daily ritual with a collection of exfoliating masks and polishes. Inspired by the ancient beauty practices of cultures that came before, .eluo. delivers a collection that becomes a modern ritual.

Clay has been used throughout history to soothe the skin, promote healing and detoxify the body. Formed from the earth, each clay is comprised of a unique mineral composition transformed by geography and environmental elements over time. Whether cleansing, exfoliating or soothing; clays are a true multi-tasking ingredient and .eluo. has carefully selected each one. These clay masks and face polishes are formulated with replenishing botanical and antioxidant rich, plant-based ingredients that leaves skin refreshed and naturally beautiful.